Monday, June 9, 2008

Kentucky Derby

Okay, so it's been a month, but I'm back in the saddle again. May went by quickly. It started out with an incredible day at the Kentucky Derby. Derby is a HUGE deal here with festivities going on for a couple weeks beforehand in Louisville. It's not so easy to get tickets, unless of course you get "infield" tickets. For infield tickets you pay about $50 to go hangout and wander on the inside grass area of the track which has turned into a "college frat party" type setting. People say it's not uncommon to go to the infield and not see a horse all day. Needless to say, you are nowhere near view of the actual races from the infield. That being said, we did not have plans to attend Derby. However, a bit of luck breezed through our way about a week before, and we won box seat tickets right near the finish line of the track! The developer of our townhomes owns a box which gives him the option every year to buy tickets to the Derby. This year he raffled away his box and Clay's name was pulled. So the first Saturday in May we dressed up (hat and all) and made our way to Churchill Downs. Spencer stayed with some friends (Thanks Cari and Anthony!) as the day would have been very long for a toddler. The forecast was a little sketchy with possible rain, but the weather turned out to be perfect. We had a fantastic time and just loved being part of the crowd, seeing all the people dressed up, (including the incredible hats which you don't typically see anymore) observing the millions of dollars thrown around in betting, and of course, enjoying the shear majesty of the horses and the excitement of the races. We had unbelievable seats (selling for over $1000 each through ticket agencies) with a phenomenal view. The people we sat near were lots of fun and schooled us in the intricacies of the sport. Some of them had been participating in the Derby for 30+ years and followed the industry closely; it was fascinating to learn more about the sport from them. Watching Big Brown's win at the end of the day was exciting. He's a beautiful horse and looked radiant in the winner's circle with his blanket of roses. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had an amazing time.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In the beginning....

So here we go...I'm taking the plunge and finally starting a blog. Thanks to the encouragement of my good friend Rebecca, I'm going to join the world of fellow bloggers and try to do a better job at keeping everyone updated with life's happenings--not to mention finally posting those pictures that I always intended to email out but never got around to it. I will start one...and maybe backtrack a little to fill in details along the way. So here's to our family blog...and more's to actually keeping up on it!!!!